Sunday, September 19, 2021

Fall Writerfest 2022

Fall Writerfest 2022 will start on the Sunday after Labor Day, September 11, 2022. We had a great experience at Fall Writerfest 2021 and are looking forward to doing it again. Workshops will be announced in the spring of 2022. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Workshops and Seminars - What's the Difference?

Sometimes people tell me they don't understand the difference when I talk about a workshop or a seminar at Fall Writerfest. A workshop meets every morning. You preregister for one of the five workshops (play writing, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, or work-in-progress). You will hear from your instructor before you get to Pyramid and you will be in that workshop with that instructor for the full program. Each workshop is limited to eight participants. The seminars meet once after lunch and you attend on a walk-in basis. Anyone attending Fall Writerfest can attend any or all of the seminars. We will be offering at least one of these each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We may offer as many as six, in two time slots, one after the other over the three days.

The workshops and the presenters are already announced on this blog; people are registering for them now. The seminars will be announced around August 12, one month before the program begins. Once you are registered and paid in full for Fall Writerfest through the Pyramid Life Center, you can enroll in a workshop by telling me (at which one you want. You do not need to pick a seminar until the day it is being presented and you decide whether or not you want to walk-in.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Coffee and Centering with Nelle - 7:30 - 8:00am in the Dining Hall

Coffee and Centering with Nelle
7:30 - 8:00am in the Dining Hall

Breakfast is served at 8:00am in the Dining Hall, but coffee and tea are available by 7.

You’re invited to start your day with coffee and “centering” from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. with Nelle Stanton. Themes for each day will focus on the tasks of a writer: attention to setting, deep listening, body awareness, being “here now” as preparation for work, and letting go in order to receive. 

These topics are inherently spiritual as they speak to the unseen reality of our daily lives. None are religious - at least not the way they will be offered this week. 

Caffeine and deep relaxation may seem like an odd combination. They do, however, fuel the Body-Mind-Spirit nexus of creativity. At least, that’s the plan!

- Nelle Stanton is a retired healthcare chaplain trained in various forms of meditation, energy healing, and spiritual expression.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Registrations and Workshops

Fall Writerfest is a program held at Pyramid Life Center. Because there are two entities, registration is a two step process. Register to attend at the Pyramid Life Center. Their website is  here. 

All participants will be in one of the five workshops. To reserve a spot in a particular workshop, email You can email to check on availability, but you will have to be paid in full to hold a place in a workshop. The five workshops are  - play writing, creative non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and work-in-progress. Workshop descriptions are in previous posts.  

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Work in Progress with Ellie O'Leary

Already working on something? This is for those writers who want to go on a retreat but are also working on an on-going project – something they don’t want to leave for the better part of a week or something they are looking forward to finally having some time set aside for serious work. We will meet each morning to discuss and set goals. The rest of the morning and as much of the afternoon as you like are available for your writing. Individual appointments for goal setting will be available.

Ellie O’Leary, Poet Laureate of Amesbury, Massachusetts, often writes about growing up in the village of Freedom, Maine. Her debut poetry manuscript Breathe Here was published in 2020  and her memoir Up Home Again  is forthcoming, both with North Country Press. She hosts a monthly poetry reading, has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in numerous journals and anthologies, and has an MFA from the Stonecoast Program. 

Creative Non-Fiction with Jeff Campbell

 Personal Narrative: Turning Life into Story

This creative nonfiction workshop explores how to take the raw materials of our lives and shape them into compelling stories with impact, emotion, and insight. The main focuses are honing observation, narrative structure, personal perspective, and revision techniques. Participants are asked to bring a 1,000-word (max) personal narrative (details to come), which will be used during the workshop. Or just bring yourself and the stories you want to tell.
Jeff Campbell has enjoyed a diverse, almost thirty-year career in publishing as a freelance book editor, author, and writing teacher. As an editor, he has helped authors tell their stories and shape their manuscripts in nearly every nonfiction genre, from science to self-help, memoir to history to sports. As an author, he was a Lonely Planet travel writer for a dozen years, and most recently he has published YA nonfiction; his third and latest YA book, Glowing Bunnies!?: Why We’re Making Hybrids, Chimeras & Clones (Lerner Books) is due in spring 2022. For more, visit


Friday, February 19, 2021

Poetry with Therese Broderick

 Four Takes on the Praise Poem: Anger, Grief, Joy, Serenity

In this workshop, we will write and explore poetry that affirms the struggles as well as the blessings of our lives.  Clapping, singing, and finger-snapping will be encouraged.  Each participant will receive a packet that includes: sample poems, writing prompts, history of the praise poem, podcasts, and tips for craft-based feedback. Beginners welcome.  

Therese L. Broderick, MFA, MLS, has served the community of writers in Albany, New York, for more than twenty years in numerous roles, including board officer, contest judge, classroom guest poet, and facilitator for Albany Area Poetry Chat. Her poems have been published in many venues, both paper (Poet Lore) and digital (New York State Writers Institute), and have received several awards, including an Intro Journals Project prize from the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, and the Overall Winner prize from The Poetry Project with Poetry Ireland. She is the author of four chapbooks, the most recent of which, Green-Weak, is available for free at Her first full-length collection, Breath Debt: Poemswas published in 2018. Her poetry hacks may be found at Terzanelles.